It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Tuesday, December 14, 2021


Here’s what some of our staff and players have been up to this festive season. 🎄🎄

A young Adam Mitchell celebrates Christmas.

How cute is Jack Johnson and his sisters enjoying Santa!

An older Jack Johnson and his sisters celebrating Christmas!

How adorable! The Cullen family have an extra bundle of joy to celebrate this Christmas!

Merry Christmas John Cullen and his gorgeous family!

Merry Christmas to one of our newest Mendi Blackhawks player Justin Frain, pictured with his siblings.

Merry Christmas to Mitchell Grimes and his adorable family!

A big Merry Christmas to Steve Sheppards beautiful girls!

The Lui family are definitely in for a warmer Christmas this year! We are so excited to have you back! Merry Christmas.

Looking back two years, how adorable is Joe Boyce’s family Christmas photo?!