Mendi Blackhawks Take On Cowboys in Final Trial Game of 2017

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Opposing coaches Aaron Payne and Kristian Woolf have named their teams for the final trial game of 2017


Thursday, February 16, 2017

There will be a bright glow coming from Jack Manski Oval this Friday night, with an awesome display of current and future rugby league stars taking the field, from the Mendi Blackhawks ISC team and the North Queensland Toyota Combined Cowboys, in the final trial game of 2017.

Blackhawks coach Kristian Woolf has named a 21 man team for this week but is also using the game to finalise his team for round 1 in the Intrust Super Cup.

“I’m looking forward to a high quality game and will be watching our players lift to the intensity and pace against the Cowboys.”

“We have trimmed our numbers down a little bit this week, as we move closer to the regular season, but there are still plenty of positions up for grabs,” Woolf said.

“The younger forwards were particularly impressive last weekend, so this trial game will be important to them as unfortunately we can’t fit them all into one side.”

North Queensland Cowboys U20’s coach Aaron Payne has named a 19 man squad combined with NRL and Under 20’s players including young stars Kayln Ponga, Gideon Gela-Mosby and Enari Tuala.

“This trial game will be a great test for our younger players,” Payne said.

“We really want to work on our match fitness and build on our combinations.”

The first game kicks off at 5.30pm tomorrow at Jack Manski Oval, when a combined Blackhawks ISC/U20’s take on the Western Lions followed by the Mendi Blackhawks V Cowboys Combined at 7pm.  Tickets are on sale now at Brothers Townsville reception.  Adults are only $5, concession $3 and under 15 is free.

Towsnville Mendi Blackhawks

  1. Carlin Anderson
  2. Paul Byrnes
  3. Samsen ONeill
  4. Temone Power
  5. Jonathon Reuben
  6. Kyle Laybutt
  7. Michael Parker-Walshe
  8. Oshae Tuiasau (playing in jersey 22)
  9. Anthony Mitchell
  10. Corey Jensen
  11. Blake Leary
  12. Andrew Niemoeller
  13. Lee Jewitt


  1. Kierran Moseley
  2. Ty Carucci
  3. Kieran Quabba
  4. Ross Bella
  5. Josh Hall
  6. Sam Foster
  7. David Munro
  8. Taha Tutuvake

COACH: Kristian Woolf

Cowboys NRL/U20’s  Combined Team

Kalyn Ponga, Gideon Gela-Mosby, Enari Tuala, Javid Bowen, Nathan Traill, Mitch Dunn, Jake Clifford, Ben Spina, Calum Gahan, Braden Uele, Hiale Roycroft, Cody Maughan, Corey Horsburgh, Bacho Salam, Ryan Lloyd, Sam Murphy, Kaleb Fuimaono, Emry Pere, Jack Lote COACH: Aaron Payne

Towsnville Mendi Blackhawks V Western Lions TRIAL

5.30pm Jack Manski Oval

  1. Marshall Hudson
  2. Michael Carroll
  3. Christian Power
  4. Kurt Wiltshire
  5. Lachlan La Rosa
  6. Oscar Carter
  7. Sam Foster
  8. Matt Laumea
  9. Jason Bail
  10. Halvor Harris
  11. Nathan Barrett
  12. Cade Maloney
  13. Jack Glossop


  1. Izaak Toby
  2. Duarne Dempsey
  3. Lachlan Taylor
  4. George Moananu
  5. Conor Luhan
  6. Jayden Stephens
  7. Lindsey Kirk
  8. Faron Morris
  9. Sione Veukiso

Western Lions Team TBA