Cositgan constructs a new path

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Nev Mendi

The idea of becoming a construction machinery operator did not cross the mind of Neville Costigan when he decided to commit to Kristian Woolf and play for the Townsville & Districts Mendi Blackhawks in late 2014.

Once settled in Townsville, Neville mentioned to the Adrian (Happy) Thomson he would like to gain some alternative work that could provide a career path to continue on post Rugby League. Neville worked at the Brothers Leagues Club for a few months but was interested in obtaining a more physical role.

Adrian rang Jeff Doyle, Managing Director of our major partner, The Mendi Group to see if there was an opportunity for Neville within his group. A formal interview was instigated and the rest is history.

Neville has been with Mendi now for a few months and he has relished the chance to work within a business that offers multidisciplinary roles which allow him to gain new experience daily. Work hours were created to allow for training, playing and travelling times and at present there is no cause to change the arrangement. “I am happy and Neville is happy”, Jeff said.

Neville came with a few operator competencies and since starting with The Mendi Group, he has undertaken and passed his medium rigid truck driver’s license. Neville currently operates and looks after the care of a small tipper and also is called upon to operate a mini excavator and Skid steer machine.

Whilst it provides a new skill set and challenges daily, Neville has shown his determination and commitment to do the best he can. Neville understands there is no rush to be a wizz on the machine, just do your best and be safe.

Neville is a now a key member of the Mendi team and there is plenty of banter around the workplace with Nev (Muscles) and he has no issues giving it back. “One of the biggest lads in the business on one of the smallest machines” is a standard comment.

“The enjoyment we get at Mendi from this situation is we have a person who has had Rugby League in his blood since a he was a child and played at the highest level in the sport and this role provides another option that he can continue with when he decides he is done with footy. It’s ultimately Neville’s choice on his future but I am sure he will now have greater confidence of what his future could be like since joining The Mendi Group”, Jeff said.

Special Thanks to Jeff Doyle and The Mendi Group for this story