Mendi Blackhawks Back for Season 2022

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Training has resumed for the 2022 Mendi Blackhawks. Photo Blackhawks Media


With coaches locked in, playing fields resurfaced and the arrival of fancy new kit, training has resumed for the Mendi Blackhawks.

“Coming into Monday, I know all of us coach’s were really excited to return to training,” Coach of the Mendi Blackhawks Aaron Payne said.

“It felt like a long time between drinks since we’d seen our players and then we were looking forward to meeting our new ones.”

“And by their reaction, you could tell the players were excited too, especially to see their teammates.”

“We mainly went through a bit of orientation, standard setting and admin duties, as well as a some strength and conditioning testing, it was a good first day.”

Payne said they we will use this time prior to Christmas to set a good base of strength and work on our core skills some defensive structures

“Our initial fitness testing has been encouraging which is, but we are yet to do our skin folds, so we will see how they go after that.”

“They know, it’s no secret to how hot it is up here, and it’s going to be mentally and physically testing,”

“But it’s a really good opportunity to get the body where it needs to be for the best preparation to the start of the season.”

“There are some real positives to take out of the conditions up here and Hammy (S & C Coach) has spoken to them about embracing the conditions we train in and take advantage of the benefits of heat training that a lot of other clubs don’t get the opportunity of.”